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Caille Catalogs


In order to show the 1922 Perfection catalog clearly, and have the large picture files download quickly for people with dial up connections, they are presented here as Flash files.

(I think this is too awkward to use again though.)

You will find controls at the bottom of the picture to allow you to zoom in and move around the image. Your arrow keys should also navigate the picture, plus, the tiny picture in the left hand corner allows you to move a red rectangle around and place it on the photo where you want to see.

If you do not have the Flash viewer you will be prompted to download it.

How it works: A free program called Zoomify takes a big image file and "tiles" it, breaks it up into many pieces. Each piece is a small file. As you view the image at maximum magnification you will be downloading the tiny picture file(s) needed to see that section only. You will notice the images getting into focus as you move around.