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Yankee Chapter meet at Quaddick Lake

I haven't been to meets this year with the wonderful exception of Glen Wallen's meet on Quaddick Lake in Thompson CT. Glen and Connie are really into cooking so the lunch spread had folks big-eyed with wonder. Glen had taken 2 days off to smoke the pig for the ribs and the jambalaya which Connie made. The meet was great under the big cool pines on a pleasantly warm day.


Yankee Chapter meet at Mystic Seaport -

Tomahawk - 2009:

Evinrude's 100th year celebration brought out some wonderful motors. Brook, from Yankee Chapter, brought an Evinrude rowboat motor powered garden tractor, a Merry Garden Tractor, that was one of the most amazing! He had it running great.

Friday afternoon

We headed home a bit after 4PM so we missed a lot of things on the weekend.

Friday Earlier

Friday video...

I'll put up more videos eventually...

Thursday Afternoon

Thursday Earlier

Thursday Even Earlier

Wednesday Afternoon

Wednesday Earlier? (the lost photos)

Wednesday Early

...the day BEFORE Tomahawk 2009

We got here about 1PM...it is VERY windy today as you will see in the photos! Lots of guys in shorts are wondering if they packed any jeans. Feels like a great fall day...which ain't bad!

Thanks to Brook for this nice decal to be the album cover

2008 Meets:


This is a sketch of the lunch tent/boatyard area. (Full size for print out HERE)



(I love the first photo in this series...sez Emma)


The Constantine Super Meet in July is a great meet hosted by the Great Lakes and MOB (Michiana Outboard Boating) chapters of AOMCI. Check out the photo albums.

For a high res file of the watercolor for printing, CLICK HERE.
It will appear GIANT but prints out on printer.

  • CLICK HERE forTomahawk Day-by-Day 2007
  • until it is here again!
    Tomahawk 2008 will be held July 30 and 31, August 1 and 2

  • Constantine Super Meet in July

    The Constantine Super Meet in July is a great meet hosted by the Great Lakes and MOB (Michiana Outboard Boating) chapters of AOMCI. As always it was really enjoyable and superbly organized. For rowboat motor nuts this was a big year as those motors were featured!! The oldest rowboat motor there was a 1906 air cooled Waterman that powered a boat on the second day. There was a great variety...those I can remember offhand are: Sweet, Wisconsin, Evinrude, Caille, Gopher, Gearholdt, Aerothrust, Koban, Lockwood-Ash, and Amphion.
    These are Jack's photos from the two days.

  • Lee Holland's, April in Michigan
    A wonderful Caille meet attended by Arthur Caille (grandson of a founder of Caille Outboard Motors)!! Arthur is the the fellow with the big smile in the red vest.
    Many thanks to Lee and everyone who made the meet such a success.
    These photos are up elsewhere, too, and may be easier for you to see...try here.

  • Pottstown, February....
    It was COLD! You'll see a photo collection of real bundled up frozen guys....some of their stuff...and the warm meeting hall in the church where much appreciated lunch and hot coffee revived the troops.

2006 Meets: time flies.....

  • August: Gary Mower's Mystic Meet; Yankee Chapter held its annual meet during Old Mystic Seaport's Antique Marine Engine Exposition

  • Tomahawk 2006...Day by Day

hosted by and
the Great Lakes Chapter
There are some nice pictures here...if you (or your stuff) are in any of them and want a full size copy that should print out a photo nicely e-mailed you, just drop us a note. (The image file number is at the top of the page when you view the big picture...just send me that number.)

2005 Meets:

Gary Mower's Mystic CT meet- Aug. 20 -21, 2005

More intelligent captioning might be added when Jack and I have time....

  • photos of the Yankee Chapter meet and the other displays at the 14th Annual Antique Marine Engine Exposition held at Old Mystic Seaport
  • watercolor of guys standing around the test tanks...(Bob Z. in the striped shirt.)
  • Movie clips of displays...outboards in test tanks, inboards, and steam engines (anything that moved and ideally had fun sounds!)

Tomahawk, Wisconsin 2005

This will have a day-by-day feature, where we will post the day's photos and a few notes in the evening. Sort of depends how I have held up!

    1. Movie....far away racer
    2. Movie...Jiffy the golden lab retrieving in the water
    3. Movie...Ladies and Gentlemen, start your motors....
      (Unfortunately this wasn't Elaine's triumph which was in a later race.)
    4. Movie...hydroplane coming back to dock
    5. Movie...starting up and away, and back at dock
    6. Movie...3 times lucky and away
    7. Movie ...B 3-W away in style
    8. Movie...away and going out of sight
    9. Movie...3 boats racing...sound is nice

  • 2005 East Hartford CT I put up every photo that was in focus that Jack took...if you were there I should think you'll be in one of them!

  • Unadilla NY...(Note: When you have an art teacher doing your web site you have to put up with some stuff :-)

  • Joe Mikolajczak's Webster MA Meet in May. It was an overcast but pleasant day if you kept moving :-) It is a great meet spot!
    • watercolor ......small for online viewing
    • large file for souvenir print out :-)

2004 Meet

2003 Meets
They were documented by Emma who comes to warm weather meets that aren't too far away from home.

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