"Frank H. DeBrun has resigned as chief mechanical engineer with Mudge & Co., Chicago, to take charge of engineering and manufacturing for the Necedah Mfg. Corporation, Necedah, Wis. This company was recently organized to build a new marine engine and a power and lighting plant of Mr. DeBrun's design." The Featherweight was made by the Necedah Mfg. Corporation which came into being in 1921. -1921, Society of Automotive Engineers Journal

"The Necedah Mfg. Co., .Necedah, Wis., established several years ago to manufacture farm electric lighting plants and similar products, has reincorporated as the Necedah Mfg. Corporation, with a capital stock of $100,000. The new corporation is headed by Benjamin W. Reynolds, F. C. Kehr and L. S. Weight, all of Milwaukee." - Domestic engineering and the journal of mechanical contracting, Volume 95,1921